Kick-off Conference Commit2Data - ‘Creating Shared Value with Big Data
Woensdag, 19 April 2017, 12:00 - 17:00
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During the Kick-off Conference of Commit2Data there will be several paralel sessions focused on the themes EnergySmart Industry and Life Sciences & Health within the Dutch key sectors. 

1. Life Sciences & Health

Health from data

Telemonitoring for chronic heart failure, e-mental health for anxiety disorders and proper treatments for cancer: the opportunities for using Big Data to improve your health seem endless.

During the two sessions on Life Sciences & Health we will look at Big Data research and applications in the broad field of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, to which we invited sector related participants and researchers. We will also discuss the future and the many opportunities that data-knowlege offers us. Sandra Migchielsen, Supply Officer from theme Big Data & Health within Commit2Data, will present us with an analysis of the Dutch Big Data issues in the health sector to address the opportunities and barriers it faces.

Finally, we will explain the first scientific call on this theme. Interested parties are invited to search for project partners for this public-private partnership.

2. Energy

Big Data in the Energy Network of the Future

In this session, the strategic duo of Commit2Data: professor Han La Poutré (Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University Delft) and drs. [vh1] Pieter den Hamer (Alliander, Utrecht University) will discuss the energy network of the future in which big changes are occurring. Firstly, the energy system becomes much more decentralised, because the energy generation from large coal and gas plants will shift to the use of solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable sources. Secondly, we are dealing increasingly with a variable supply of energy, because the supply of sustainable energy sources, such as sun and wind energy, does not measure up to the demand. Data and smart algorithms are therefore crucial to balance demand and supply in this new energy system.

In this session, we would like to have an interactive discussion on how we can fully maximize the opportunities and challenges of Big Data within this new energy network. We will inform you about new calls for proposals and meetings and get you acquainted with interesting research facilities, such as the Hybrid Energy System Integration (HESI) facility in Groningen, and we will present you with an on-going project that combines energy and data.

Drs. Is niet bekend in de internationale gemeenschap. Dat moet een master zijn, maar ik weet niet wat voor master Pieter den Hamer heeft. Als jullie dat weten, moet dit nog even achter zijn naam worden toegevoegd ipv ‘drs.’

3. Smart Industry

Details to follow

4. Big Data Handling & Analytics

Following the Commit2Data call on Big Data Handling & Analytics, this session provides you with an overview of Big Data technologies of the future. ICT developments, such as the Internet of Things, the digitalization of collections and social media, lead to enormous amounts of data. When hidden patterns in data become visible, their (economic) value increases. In order to discover those patterns, major breakthroughs are needed in the fields of automatic learning machines, data mining, data visualization, programming languages, software engineering and data protection.

In this session, inspiring oral presentations from Freek Bomhof (TNO), Wil van der Aalst (Eindhoven University of Technology), Robert Sasxby (Google) and Erwin Folmer (Kadaster) will give you the technologies of the future, illustrated by practical use cases and followed by an interactive discussion of the vision of big data.

5. Big Data Hubs

Details to follow

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Locatie Amsterdam Innavation Arena