Rise of the chief data officer
As more organizations realize the importance of managing their data in light of new legislation, business practices and perceptions, the number of Chief Data Officers (or CDOs) is rising. Data management and data-led decision making is too critical not to have a C-level executive with an overall responsibility for it’s management, security and appropriate use.

We are on the cusp of a data boom and we are seeing the number of CDOs growing year-on-year. The importance of effective data management will only increase as devices and sensors collect even more data, the information economy demands greater data integration and analysis at a faster rate. Businesses increasingly use analytics to drive strategy and innovation, whilst government regulations and privacy issues dominate news headlines around the world.

Chief Data Officers are becoming a familiar sight in boardrooms and CDO appointments are spreading to new industries. We are entering a new era for big data, and Chief Data Officers are not only defining the industry standards but also the CDO role itself.

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18 juli 2014