A new era in mobile networks is coming; 5G. As front runner, KPN is facing new challenges deploying this 5G technology in its mobile network. While 4G technology enabled customers to have an awesome mobile broadband experience, 5G will bring exiting new opportunities to the mobile arena. It will revolutionize lives, economies, and societies in many ways.
5G will be able to deliver impressive experiences, including streamed 4K content, unrivaled virtual reality quality and crystal clear wireless video conferencing. It can also enable autonomous driving using 5G technology.
Not only will internet speeds evolve to an average of 100 Mbit/s (peaking towards 1 Gbit/s), 5G also provides ultra-reliable connections with very low latencies.

What this means
The capabilities of this new technology enable us to rethink our ways of working and develop uses cases unleashing the potential of the Internet of Things and supporting the ever-growing customer demand of data hungry applications. KPN is already starting to prepare for this step, which means experimenting, proof of concepts and trialing with partners and customers in a real life situation.
KPN intends to cover a part of South-East Amsterdam with a 5G mobile network as a real life showcase. This encompasses Consumer as well as Business areas and Office buildings like the Academic Medical Centre, entertainment venues like the Johan Cruijff ArenA, shopping malls and public transport hubs.

The Challenge
We are proud to invite you for a competition to take part in this Amsterdam 5G showcase. We challenge you to design and pitch a compelling service/application for consumers that make use of the 5G capabilities and that could be implemented and piloted in South-East Amsterdam. Elaborate on your pitch, the business case and the possibilities to cooperate with KPN and its partners.

During a pitch event we will judge and challenge your 5G pilot pitch. The winner(s) will be offered the possibility to take part in the 5G showcase in Amsterdam South East area and will be invited to join one of KPN's 5G field labs in Amsterdam!

How to sign up
Do you think that you have an interesting idea or proposal? We have the possibility for 10 pitches of 5 minutes!
Please send your pitch deck to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. before 30/5 if you are willing to pitch.

Questions on the event can also be directed to Martijn.
We will select the 10 pitchers before 6/6 and let you know.

We are excited for this challenge, and we hope to meet you there!
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Locatie : Teleportboulevard 121, 1043 Amsterdam